Now that the post-campaign dust has settled and I have had a moment to reflect.

I must first thank my wife, family, and team for guiding me and providing me all the resources I needed since filing to run in June. It was a fever pitched run in a short period of time. All of the events, sign placement, door knocking, and nonstop communication are what these people did and did so with little praise.


To my neighbors, supporters, donors, and the 31% who voted for me - Thank You.

Though I am gracious in defeat, in what was a fair election, I will not stop at this.

I will continue to work and build upon this election cycle until the next

because my intent is to run again in 2024 for the same House Seat.


We need to see change in Sussex County and give the voice back to The People.

There is no other outcome in my opinion. My approach will never change -

I will always speak from the heart and represent the best interests of District 36.

You can always count on me to stay true to my conservative values and serve the people in the capacity they deserve as a vocal and visible representative.

Thank You again and we look forward working for you towards 2024!