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"I come from a conservative background where my family believes in family, faith, and personal freedoms.  Regardless of race or ethnicity - citizens deserve to live free and without the government dictating their lives.  Appreciate our first responders.  And respect your neighbors.  That is the essentials of a great community.  Leave politics out of it."
List Of Needs For District 36
Local Economy
  • Reduce taxation of our citizens.

  • Foster the establishment and growth of small businesses.

  • Cut wasteful government spending.

  • End government competition against small businesses.

  • Identify unnecessary government funded programs.

Young Delawareans
  • Build Back The Working Class.

  • Bring new industry and jobs to District 36.

  • Equip schools to teach in-demand skills.

  • Focus on retaining young Delaware workers.

Restore Sussex County
  • Enhance the Farmland Preservation Program.

  • Cut inheritance and transfer tax on all farmland.

  • Improve access to state resources for outdoorsmen.

  • Overhaul the Surf Fishing Program to eliminate the chaos!

Public Safety
  • Fight to maintain our Right To Bear Arms.

  • Bolster new and improved recruitment and retention for our volunteer Fire/EMS services.

  • Back our Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • Eliminate catch-and-release of career criminals.


"Our Second Amendment shall not be infringed upon in the State of Delaware.  I will work tirelessly to ensure our 2A Rights are preserved."

Sussex County Infrastructure
  • Focus on improvement of roads and bridges.

  • Pressure private companies to complete State contracts in a timely and correct fashion.

  • Ensure mass-developers pay their share of improvements.

  • Access to personal WiFi in District 36 for all citizens.

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