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Do you know how our current elected representative, Bryan Shupe, has been voting in the General Assembly?

Bryan Shupe has a failing lifetime rating of 64.68/100 from

CPAC / The American Conservative Union.  Up from his previous failing rating of 58.95 in 2021.


YES: HB 31 - Authorizes the Complete Decriminalization of Abortion in the State (2021)

Shupe voted YES to remove the last prohibitions against abortion from Delaware law, including provisions which treat abortion differently than other medical procedures and provisions which criminalize abortion.

YES: SB 195 - Act to Amend Title 14 of Delaware Code Relating to Media Education (2021)

Shupe voted YES to fund the indoctrination of school aged children (K-12) with media instruction.

NO: HB 346 HA1 - Protecting Election Integrity by Requiring a Photo ID to Vote by Mail (2020)

This amendment by Rep. Yearick added an identification requirement for voting by mail during the 2020 election. Bryan Shupe was the only Republican to vote NO on this requirement.

YES: HB 73 - Lifts Constitutional Restrictions on Mail-In Ballot Usage (2019)

Shupe voted YES to change the Delaware Constitution to enable voting by mail for any reason. In order to preserve election integrity and prevent voter fraud, the Delaware Constitution only allows absentee voting (a.k.a. vote by mail) for specific reasons. This constitutional amendment would have removed those important protections. This Act Violates Delaware’s Constitution

YES: HB 38 - Amends Early Voting Regulations (2019)

Shupe voted YES to authorize early voting locations for in-person voting of primary, general, and special elections at least 10 days prior to an election, up to and including the Saturday and Sunday immediately before an election. The Delaware Constitution designates a single day for elections. This Act Violates Delaware’s Constitution

YES: HB 155 - Establishes New Legal Definitions for Gender and Sexual Orientation (2021)

This bill continues the legal redefinition of gender and sexual orientation within Delaware Code to conform to the Left’s radical sex and gender ideology.

YES: SB 8 - Increasing Taxpayer Costs by Expanding Public Employee Unionization (2019)

Shupe voted YES to lifting restrictions that were previously in place concerning which public employees are eligible to collectively bargain and how public employee unions are permitted to be formed, increasing taxpayer costs and enabling even more union control of government agencies.

YES: HB 212 - Expanded Plastic Bag Ban (2021)

Shupe voted YES to expanding the plastic bag ban, forbidding private companies from providing plastic shopping bags to their customers. This bill also removed exceptions to the plastic bag ban for mom & pop stores and other small businesses.

YES: HB 177 - Increasing Taxpayer Costs with Government-Run Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (2019)

Shupe voted YES to permitting the government to build electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use, increasing taxpayer costs and interfering in the free market.

YES: SB 253 - Extending Price Controls Past the COVID-19 State of Emergency (2019-2020)

This bill is direct interference in the market by extending the “price protections” that were put utilized under the Governor’s state of emergency relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This affected businesses ability to recoup losses or match market demand with price. Shupe voted YES.

NO: SB 44 - Reduces the Punishment for Possession or Consumption of Alcohol by a Person Under 21 to a Civil Offense (2019)

Shupe voted NO on reducing the criminalization of our youth for non-violent, victimless offenses. This vote contradicts earlier expungement legislation Shupe voted for and burdens juveniles becoming adults.

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